Gdgt – Track Your Gadgets, Find Reviews, Get Support and More

Just a short one today.

Have you had a lot of gadgets in your life and perhaps trouble keeping track of what has come and gone from your possession? Perhaps you like to keep up to date with the latest gadget news and reviews or perhaps you just need a helping hand when it all goes wrong?

If so, then you might find Gdgt (pronounced gadget) a handy website.

You can keep track of gadgets by using a variety of lists, including:

  • gadgets you have,
  • gadgets you had,
  • gadgets you want.

You can also indicate whether or not you like a particular gadget and sync your feedback with your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers. You can also partake in gadget discussions right on the site.

Also, if you find that the gadget that you are looking for isn’t on Gdgt, you can add it but be prepared to enter in some detailed information.

So check it out, I think you may be surprised how many devices you have had over the years!

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