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Just a quick one tonight. Came across an interesting application for the iPhone called “World Surfer”. Basically, using the GPS and compass, you point your iPhone down a street (or in a particular direction) and it will tell you about stores and attractions that exist, their distance and offer more information about them.

Vik (my wife) wanted to know where Hermes was in relation to the hotel. This application had no problems finding it. Turns out it is two doors down (which is a little embarassing for the porter out front who didn’t seem to know when we asked this morning).

It can search against Google and Wikipedia and also seems to have built in searches for coffee and toilets (I guess one does lead to the other).

It’s free and I thought it was a clever use of not only of the GPS but the under-utilised compass in the iPhone.

Check it out, might come in handy!

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