Nov 12 2013

Getting Back into Shape with Adidas miCoach

The title says it all really but I have found it a little challenging at work recently to get to the gym as it has been a challenge to keep on top of everything. However, that excuse only goes so far and there comes a point where you have to look after yourself.

Anyway, I saw the Adidas miCoach app for Windows Phone 8 and thought I would give it a crack. I like the idea of being able to select and schedule programs and have them sync to my Nexus 7 and Lumia 920 so I can keep track of my progress.

That said, my gym does offer personalised programs but I would find it more convenient to just have my smartphone or tablet with me to review my program and log my activity. The service offered by the gym is excellent but I want to be able to review my stats outside the gym and also be able to plan my regime without having to find my paper-based in the filingĀ cabinet.

The thing with fitness though is that it is so easy to lose and hard to regain so I am hoping miCoach can putĀ a little more structure and rigour around my fitness activities.

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