Internet Explorer 11 – Time to Reevaluate

Those of us in the know are all too aware of the history of Internet Explorer including its quirks, lack of standards compliance and the possibility of having your browser hosed but impossible to fix without potentially compromising the operating system.

Microsoft had coasted for years on the popularity of Internet Explorer having the majority control of the market after decimating Netscape and it took give years for IE7 to emerge after the release of IE6 in 2001. These days you get several new versions a year for Firefox or Chrome. However, Microsoft’s complacency has seen fierce competition  in more recent years and has perhaps stirred Microsoft to put things right (well, sort of).

In more recent versions of Internet Explorer starting with IE9 we have seen greater attention paid to the various web standards and tests such as The HTML5 Test and the Acid3 Test. However, Microsoft still straggles behind the pack in some tests in terms of raw score however it often cites low adoption or low maturity of the missing capabilities as a reason not to implement them, at least for now.

Anyway, I figured it was time to give IE11 a decent go to see how it stacks up again Google Chrome (whatever version they are up to now) and Mozilla Firefox.

Risky? Perhaps. Stupid? Maybe.

That said, a lot of people will use Internet Explorer simply because it is there so I need to be informed on how well it performs in order to form an opinion on it (history aside). To that end, I am giving IE11 a try for this month as my primary browser and will report back on my findings.

Stay tuned!

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