Jul 21 2013

Improve Your Web Browsing Security

These days, when you’re browsing websites there can be a stack of cookies being downloaded to your computer by ad tracking sites in order to serve up targeted advertisements. Social network applets, whilst they can make it really convenient to share content with friends and see what friends have liked. can also do the same thing.

Of course, you could go to each and every ad tracking website and opt out of being tracked but that isn’t really a workable solution given the vast number of them.

One more viable solution would be to use the DoNotTrackMe plugin from Abine – it’s available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and Safari (no dice for Opera users). All you need to do is install it, restart your browser(s) and you’re as safe as houses as far as cookies are concerned.

DoNotTrackMe is free but there are plans for a future premium version which sounds as if will attract a fee but will potentially offer capabilities above and beyond the standard version . However, according to Apine DoNotTrackMe will always come in a free version but worth keep tabs upon.


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  1. engines

    good one Boydo. DLed it. and HI 🙂

    1. Boyd Chan

      Howdy – glad you found it useful! 🙂

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