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Improve Your Web Browsing Security

These days, when you’re browsing websites there can be a stack of cookies being downloaded to your computer by ad tracking sites in order to serve up targeted advertisements. Social network applets, whilst they can make it really convenient to share content with friends and see what friends have liked. can also do the same …

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Enable TLS 1.1 on Windows 7

Here’s another quick tip for the security conscious people out there. Windows 7 supports a security protocol called TLS (Transport Layer Security) which superseded SSL as the security protocol of choice. Specifically, Windows 7 supports up to TLS 1.1 but the support for this version is disabled by default which forces compatibility back down to …

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Opt Out of Google Interest-based Advertising

Downloading the Cookie Opt-Out Plugin

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you don’t fancy Google using its tracking cookies to work out what ads to show you (either for AdSense or DoubleClick based ads) in online searches and Google apps you can easily opt out of it with the click of a mouse button. All you need to do …

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BlackSheep – Detect FireSheep on an Unsecured Wi-Fi Network

Last week, I wrote about FireSheep,  a newly released add-on for Firefox, allowed everyone including amateur hackers and snoopers the ability to not only identify individual social networking sessions currently in progress but also the ability to impersonate those people. This was made possible by intercepting cookies being broadcast in the clear (i.e. completely unencrypted) …

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