May 05 2013

Store Secure Notes with LastPass

It’s so very tempting to write down sensitive information like passwords and PINs or store them in text messages in your mobile phone but it can’t hurt to take some extra security precautions to ensure that this information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Recently, I kicked off the passport renewal process given that my current passport was running out of validity to do any sort of travel. Once a day I have been checking on the progress of my application but it can take a little while to fill in all the personal particulars to verify my identify. Thankfully, you can obtain a PIN but obviously that needs to be kept in a safe place.

LastPass offers such functionality through its secure notes feature. You can access this in the LastPass menu by clicking on Secure Notes then Add Secure Note. Herein, you can provide a name to the note, choose a note type and, of course, type up the note itself before saving.

This and all of your secure notes will sync with your other computers that have your LastPass account on them which will make for a convenient yet secure means of storing such important information.

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