Apr 20 2013

Remunerator App for Android and iOS

This is mainly for people in Australia who have vehicles under novated lease with Remunerator.

If you’ve got an Android or iOS device you can now track your account specifics such as your projected odometer readings, recent transactions as well as lodging reimbursement claims using their handy new app.

I tried this out earlier in the week to submit the comprehensive insurance receipt for reimbursement and it worked a treat. I found it far more convenient than having to scan and fax the receipt along with a summary form outlining what I was submitting. You just type in the details in your claim and shoot a photo of your receipt and you’re golden. It’s a very simple app to use and can significantly reduce your administrative overheads when dealing with your novated lease vehicle.

That said, it is a pity that there isn’t a Windows Phone app so I will drop them an e-mail asking them to consider making one. Of course, the number of customers using Windows Phone exclusively would be relatively small compared to iOS and Android but it can’t hurt to ask 🙂

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