Oct 05 2010

Skype Arrives on Android – Finally!

Just a quick one for tonight.

For a while, many Android users have been left out in the cold without an official Skype client. Instead, users have had to resort to hacking crippled clients from other Android handsets that were originally bound by various carrier restrictions (such as limited Skype minutes).

Well, Skype has literally just been released on the Android Market for all to download. For users outside the USA, you can use Skype over Wi-Fi and 3G whilst those inside the USA are restricted to Wi-Fi usage only. Unfortunately, it seems that some users of the Samsung Galaxy S are experiencing issues logging in but Skype is looking into this problem. Handsets known to work with Skype for Android are:

  • HTC Desire,
  • HTC Legend,
  • Google Nexus One,
  • Motorola Milestone.

It’s great to see some of the big name applications are coming across to Android!

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