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Digital Number Plates – Distracting or Practical?

It seems these days that almost everything is going digital. Posters are being replaced with flat screens with animated advertising and even tables in food courts have screens built in with advertising. The last place you might expect to see advertising would be on the number plates of your car. Apparently, California is considering the introduction of …

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Keys are a Nuisance – Smart Entry FTW!

Prius Smart Key

On the weekend, the missus and I were on the Gold Coast briefly and required a rental car to get us around. We ended up with a Toyota Camry (sadly not the hybrid model) which isn’t a bad car. Whilst not difficult to drive, I did find myself falling into the regular habits of driving …

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Augmented Reality – Is it a Gimmick?

Sun Seeker on iPhone 3GS

A while back I came across an iPhone application called Sun Seeker which uses your GPS location, the accelerometer, the compass and the camera to show you the trajectory of the sun. This can be useful if you are checking out a new house and want to know where the sun will be at certain …

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My Take on the Toyota Prius Brake Recall

Before I get started, I’ll preface this entry with the fact that I own a 2008 Toyota Prius (second generation) which is not affected by the current recall of the third generation Prius. It seems to me that the media has sensationalised what is effectively a nuance in the way a Toyota hybrid vehicle brakes. …

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