GTA 5 Won’t Go Fullscreen

Here’s a quick tip.

If you’re trying to play Grand Theft Auto V and it runs in a fullscreen window despite your best efforts to make it go proper fullscreen then you might want to check if you have TeamViewer installed and running. If you do, then read on.

The quick and easy solution is to exit TeamViewer before launching GTA 5 but then you’ll need to remember to re-enable TeamViewer afterwards.

The better solution is to disable GTA 5 from having to display the TeamViewer QuickConnect button as follows:

  1. Open TeamViewerm
  2. Click on Extras,
  3. Click on Options,
  4. Click on Advanced,
  5. Click the Show advanced options button,
  6. Scroll about halfway down the window until you reach the section entitled Advanced settings for Computers and Contacts,
  7. Click the Configure button next to QuickConnect button,
  8. In the blank text box type in PlayGTAV.exe then click the Add button,
  9. Click OK then OK again,
  10. Exit TeamViewer and reopen it again for good measure.

That should rid you off less than fullscreen gaming when it comes to GTA 5.

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