Windows Insider App for Windows Phone Foreshadows Imminent Preview Release

Just a quick tip for today.

If you’ve already downloaded the Phone Insider app for Windows Phone 8 you may have noticed that it seemingly went missing today from the app list. This is because it was renamed to Windows Insider to align with the name of the existing Microsoft initiative to allow access to the Windows 10 Technical Preview for x86 compatible computers.

However, the change in name is not the only update.

The app now allows you to login with your Microsoft account whilst the original app only allowed Microsoft employees to login with their domain accounts. Unfortunately, there aren’t any preview builds to actually download and install at the moment but at least you’ll get a feel for the general process.

We’ll have to wait until after the Super Bowl to see a build of Windows 10 for phones to surface but the signs are pointing towards an imminent release.

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