Panasonic NA-140VX3 Washing Machine Unboxing

Maybe not something you’d expect to see in an unboxing video but I guess this makes it a little more unique compared to all of those smartphone and tablet videos 🙂

I had the opportunity to replace our aging ASKO One washing machine and dryer. This was opportune given the recent efforts in the household to slash energy consumption which I have covered previously. Granted, laundry appliances may not be the most exciting “gadgets” you would think of buying but certainly the washing machine on closer inspection has a lot of smarts built into it

Anyway, you can check out the unboxing below:

The new washing machine has a few cycles under its belt now but I have to say that it is very quiet. The old washer could be clearly heard with the laundry door closed including water intake, water flushing and the spin cycle (the noisiest part of a given load). I don’t have decibel measurements for the old washing machine but trust me, it was loud!

One thing I do appreciate about this washer is its ten kilogram capacity and the larger door. The ASKO One washer can a very tiny door and the drum could maybe hold seven kilograms tops but to get a good wash you couldn’t pack it absolutely full which would equate to extra loads.

Anyway, I will let you know how it goes and I might even get a preview video of the washer doing a load to show how well it performs as you’d never get to see that at the shops.

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