Keeping Track of Unfinished Business in The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the past

Here’s a quick tip that I’ve picked up whilst playing the latest Zelda game on 3DS.

A major gripe that I’ve had in prior games is the inability to mark the map when you come across stuff that seems important but you have insufficient means to interact with it. You may need an essential item, not enough rupees or you just need to come back and visit numerous times during your adventure. Sure, you could use a pen and paper or another electronic means but it can become rather cumbersome.

Major things are marked on the map for you such as the dungeons but for the minor quest type stuff you have been on your own in the past.

In the latest instalment of the Zelda series you can actually drop up to twenty pins on the map using three different colours. How you use these is up to you but you could use one colour to track unsalvaged heart containers, treasure, or other items. Otherwise, you could mark special rooms or maybe a special route if you are racing around the map.

Once you’ve retrieved an item or cleared a room you can unpin it and move on to your next challenge 🙂

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