Additional SkyDrive Storage for Windows Phone Users

SkyDrive just got a bit better for Windows Phone users!

If you’ve used Windows Phone with your Microsoft account then you should have received an e-mail from Microsoft outlining its appreciation for its Windows Phone users. The good bit in the e-mail is the bit inviting you to claim an additional free 20GB for your SkyDrive storage.

This is fantastic for new SkyDrive users who have only 7GB of SkyDrive space bringing them pretty much in line with older SkyDrive users who had 25GB of space. However, for the longer term SkyDrive users this means you can boost your storage up to 45GB for zero cost (which includes the 20GB extra listed as an “enthusiast bonus”).

However, there are a couple of things to note:

  1. you need to claim your extra free storage by 31/01/2014,
  2. the extra storage lasts for one year after which I presume you lose it.

It does make you wonder what would happen for users who use up storage over and beyond what was their previous storage limit and then lose the extra storage once it expires. The e-mail does not answer that question so either you will have to be prepared to pay for space to cover your consumption or maybe (just maybe) Microsoft will gift you the extra space – who knows?

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