CrashPlan – Status Update

A while ago I thought I would give CrashPlan a go as a cloud backup solution. Well, after thirty nine days I have backed up about 220GB of data from our home server and will backup additional some data from my wife’s MacBook Air this week.

I’ve not run into any issues so far and I acknowledge that sending data up to the cloud is only half the experience. I have tested the ability to retrieve random files on demand and it has worked flawlessly even on the mobile apps for Windows Phone and Android even with encryption enabled.

Of course, I could have uploaded 220GB a bit quicker than nearly forty days but I capped the upload speed at around 0.5Mbps (that’s around 64KBps) so not to saturate our upload speeds. I found the settings a little limiting with regard to changing maximum speeds for different times of day or day of the week as I would like to make full use of the internet connection whilst asleep but peg it back when we are generally awake.

However, for an automated solution it is doing the trick and I have shelled out for an annual family plan but I will share further thoughts a bit later on.

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