Pinterest – Not Just for Sharing Pictures

There are lots of picture sharing services out there – Flickr amd Instagram come to mind whilst Facebook and Twitter are also popular alternatives. However, Pinterest is another alternative that is growing on the masses particularly when it comes to arts and crafts.

That said, I’ve found another use for Pinterest – it’s great for making shopping lists.

I’m looking at perhaps doing a new desktop computer build in the next twelve months so I thought rather than tracking the various components in a spreadsheet I would start aggregating the components in a new list in Pinterest. This makes the process a bit more social particularly with those who are into building PCs and get some conversation going on alternative parts that may offer better performance at similar or better price points or talk about features offered in other products.

Anyway, I will slow add to it over the coming weeks so if you’re interested to see what I am going to put together check it out!

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