Minimise Your Power Bill at Home Whilst on Holiday

It’s nice to get away from it all and take a holiday every now and then but just because you’re clocking off doesn’t mean your power bill will do the same thing. If you have a home server that will continue to use power as will the fridge, hot water service (if you’ve got an electric one) and those various other gadgets you’ve got sitting around the house. Television set top boxes can also guzzle quite a bit of power as well.

Even leaving a light on inside or outside will add to the bill.

So, this may sound obvious but if you’re leaving to go on holiday it’s a good idea to switch stuff off that you won’t be using. There will be some things you can’t turn off or should turn off like the clock on your oven or the hot water service (some manufacturers recommend against turning the power off). However, here are some items to get you thinking:

  1. If you’re going to leave a light on, consider using an LED bulb to boost power efficiency and maybe set it to activate on a timer,
  2. If you’re not going to record television while you’re away, turn off your set top box(es),
  3. Turn off and/or unplug devices that go on standby like television, printers, home theatre systems, etc,
  4. If you don’t require access to your home computers turn off the modem, router, access points, switches, etc,
  5. Turn off and unplug any unused computers and UPSs.

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what you can do to minimise power wastage whilst you kick back and relax elsewhere 🙂

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