Check the Compatibility of 3D Glasses

Another quick tip for today.

It’s worth remembering that not all 3D televisions use the same sort of glasses to enable 3D viewing, There have been competing solutions out in the market and revisions of those solutions over the years. The main types of 3D glasses you will come across are:

  • active 3D glasses (i.e. LCD shutters),
    • those with infrared connectivity,
    • newer ones with Bluetooth connectivity,
  • passive 3D glasses (i.e. polarised glasses),
    • the lenses in these glasses can be polarised in one of a few ways such as circular polarisation or linear.

Active 3D glasses will not work with a passive 3D television and vice versa so be careful!

Make sure you read your television manual carefully to see which ones are compatible. For later televisions (in the last year or two), these tend to support the newer Bluetooth active 3D glasses and, in most cases, these glasses are compatible with other 3D televisions that support Bluetooth active 3D glasses.

You will probably be most safe buying the same brand of glasses that matches your television but if you’re unsure talk to the manufacturer of your television or a salesperson in your store of choice but obtain their assurance that you can bring back the glasses if they are not compatible.

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