Incoming Panasonic Gadgets

I’ll keep this short as there a number of incoming gadgets from Panasonic on the radar but this is a significant swag to say the least.

To put is simply, I am expecting the following in the next few months (as not all of these are available yet):

  1. Toughbook CF-AX2 Business Rugged Convertible Ultrabook (replacing my MacBook Pro),
  2. HC-X920M 3MOS Full HD Camcorder,
  3. Lumix DMC-FT5 Tough Camera,
  4. TH-P55VT60A 55″ Full HD 3D NeoPlasma Television,
  5. SC-BTT880 Full HD 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System.

Yes, that is a lot of stuff and it will mean a lot of videos including the customary unboxings, previews and reviews but also comparison videos for the camcorder, camera, television and home theatre system.

I am very interested in some of the features in these products such as the Wi-Fi connectivity in the X920M (replacing my X900M camcorder) and FT5 (replacing my FT3 camera) which enables functionality such as live video streaming via Ustream and sharing data with smartphones and tablets. The FT5 also packs in NFC to make Wi-Fi pairing even easier.

Meanwhile, the plasma television packs in some interesting features including a webcam for Skype calling, connectivity and interactivity with smartphones and and tablets, voice recognition, home screen capabilities, HTML5 compliant web browser, improved picture quality and even a touch pen (will have to see if the Australian models retain it though). The TH-P55VT60A television also comes with two pairs of Bluetooth 3D glasses that supersede the infrared 3D glasses that are used with our current VT20A television.

The SC-BTT880 home theatre system also gets some additional smarts compared to the SC-BTT755 home theatre system currently in the household with smartphone and tablet remote control. Also of some interest is the ability to do 2D to 3D conversion of content – something to play with and see which content works best with this feature.

The odd one out in this list of products is the Toughbook CF-AX2 as it isn’t replacing an existing Panasonic product. It might well be close to my existing Microsoft Surface RT tablet but packing in a full blown computer in slightly larger dimensions. Panasonic may not be that well known for its laptops so I thought it would be an interesting purchase and a step up from the MacBook Pro and a good opportunity to consolidate myself on Windows 8 as that platform continues to develop.

Anyway, that’s just a heads up so stay tuned!

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