Incoming Gadget – Fitbit One

Those that have been following the blog will know that I have been a big fan of the original Fitbit and have used it in concert with a healthier diet and exercise regime to keep in better shape compared to a few years ago. By itself, this device won’t do anything unless you’ve got the will power to follow through on your commitment to get fit.

Anyway, my original Fitbit is perhaps getting towards the end of its lifespan and after a couple of brushes with fate (another broken belt clip and the front face of the Fitbit coming off after catching it on the edge of a table) it is sporting a few battle scars. Therefore, I thought it was a meaningful time to upgrade to the Fitbit One.

You might be asking why I am not interested in the forthcoming Fitbit Flex and the main reason is that I really like having the numerical display on the original Fitbit and the Fitbit One. In contrast, the Fitbit Flex sports only five LED indicator lights which doesn’t give me the specifics I am after without looking at an app. Of course, choosing the Fitbit One over the Flex means that I do forgo the more rugged and weather resistant form factor but I figure if I have been able to look after my Fitbit for this long then that won’t be such a big deal.

Of course, stay tuned for the unboxing video and preview coming soon!

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