Disqus Dampening Discussion

A while back I wrote about the issues I experienced migrating blog comments into Disqus – it took roughly a week for the process to finish. Unfortunately, that was beyond the 24 – 48 hour window estimated by Disqus due to a high volume of traffic. In fact, the status page still has the same delay notification on it with the advise that they are working to get it caught up shortly.

Disqus Service Status Page

Disqus Service Status Page

Hmmmm, yeah.

After the cutover had finished I was keen to try out some of the functionality available in Disqus which looked rather interesting. However, there was another problem.

Nobody was commenting.

This site isn’t up there with the likes of Facebook or Wikipedia but I would have a steady trickle of comments most days but they completely dried up after switching to Disqus. I figure that people don’t fancy having to signup for the service and to be honest I don’t blame them. So, I have switched off Disqus and put it all back the way it was beforehand.

It will be interesting to see how things go from here on in!

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