Using Wi-Fi on Intial Boot with Raspbmc for Raspberry Pi

You might think that when setting up Raspbmc for the first time on a Raspberry Pi that you would be restricted to using a cabled Ethernet connection to kick off the initial setup. This could be problematic if your Raspberry Pi is located far from an Ethernet socket or you simply don’t have any cabled Ethernet connectivity.

The good news is that you can get Wi-Fi going from the outset by following some simple steps with a supported USB Wi-Fi adapter:

  1. Fire up the Raspbmc Installer,
  2. Tick Manually configure networking,
  3. Choose Wireless from the dropdown menu,
  4. Tick Obtain an IP address automatically,
  5. Fill in the SSID,
  6. Choose the encryption type for the network,
  7. Fill in the Wi-Fi network password,
  8. Click Save,
  9. Kick off the installation.

After burning the files to SD card you should be able to complete the initial boot without cabled Ethernet.

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