Changing the Default Backup Window in Windows Home Server 2011

If you’re running Windows Home Server 2011 and relying upon it to backup your computers you might not fancy the default times set aside for backups (usually set to between midnight and 3AM). Whilst this window might cover computers that don’t move around (like desktops), laptops and tablets may not always be around or powered up during these times.

One thing you can do is adjust the backup window to something that will more reliably capture these types of devices and it is fairly simple to do:

  1. Open the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard,
  2. Click the Computers and Backup tab,
  3. In the list on the the right hand side, click Additional client computer backup tasks,
  4. Adjust the Start time and End time to your preference.

I have brought forward backups to 8:00PM but left the end time at 3:00AM to provide a sufficiently large enough window of time just in case computers need longer to backup particularly if they are in use.

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