Rdio – An Alternative to Spotify in Windows Phone 8

For the Windows Phone 8 faithful there have been some key applications missing that might help tip the scales in its favour. Big names such as Instagram are still noticeably absent despite a pledge late last year that an app would arrive. Spotify is very much in the same boat and its tardiness might be costing is customers.

If you have an active Spotify subscription then you might be tempted to cancel it an find an alternative such a Rdio which has released an app for Windows Phone 8 and has also opened up to Australia in the last few days.

Rdio is fairly similar to Spotify in that you can stream music, create playlists and listen to “stations” of music. You’ve also got Facebook and Twitter integration to update your friends as to what music you’ve listened plus the ability to find your friends that are using the service as well. Last.fm integration also makes an appearance so you can keep a history of all your listened tracks and keep tabs on various listening trends.Fairly standard features.

Rdio is offering a one week free trial of its full service but if you want to continue streaming on a smartphone and computer you’ll have to shell out AU$12.90 a month. Otherwise, if you can get by with just web or desktop access only the price drops to AU$8.90 a month.

Anyway, I’m giving it a try to see how it works for me and, if it hits the spot, I may just can Spotify despite how good it is on other platforms.

It may be rewarding to be a dominant player on other platforms but you won’t kick any goals for yourself if you ignore developing platforms, As such, it is important to vote with your feet.

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