Episodic Versus Seasonal Consumption

If there is one thing that technology has enabled in terms of content consumption it is the ability to consume content at a time that is suitable to you including the latest television series and movies. While you can view a series in the traditional method (i.e, one by one as they are released) it does provide the ability to tackle it a different way.

I don’t know about you but I find watching a whole season in one or a few sitting (depending on how many episodes are in a season) a fantastic way to get into a story and keep in the flow of the narrative. It might also get around common problems encountered via traditional content viewing methods such as television where you may have several shows on at or around the same time.

However, letting a season run close to its length and then catching up can have drawbacks. If it is a popular series then social media and news outlets may ruin parts of the upcoming story for you. Friends, family and work colleagues may also let slip a major plot twist despite your best efforts to avoid such conversation. Also, if you are recording television shows for later viewing then storage space may also become an issue particularly if a given device does not allow storage expansion.

Anyway, it is an alternative to viewing your favourite content worth your consideration

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