iTunes Music Not Syncing

Yesterday, my wife was having problems syncing music from iTunes to her iPhone. She had a playlist that would sync successfully to her iPad mini but would not copy to her iPhone.

We tried all sorts of things, including:

  • deleting the playlist off the iPhone and copying it back,
  • reconnecting the iPhone,
  • restarting the iPhone.

In the end, I figured that maybe iTunes had the wrong end of the stick in terms of understanding what the iPhone already had on it so we did the following:

  • backup up the music in the playlist (this is important!),
  • deleted the music from iTunes (and also from the iTunes library folder on the hard drive),
  • copied the backup copy of the music back into the iTunes library folder,
  • dragged the recopied music into iTunes,
  • initiate the sync to iPhone.

That worked a charm for us but goodness knows if there is more music in her library affected by the same problem but at least we now have a solution to fix it.

Damn you, iTunes.

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