How to Close Apps on Microsoft Surface

Another quick Windows RT tip.

There are a couple ways to close an app on Microsoft Surface or other tablets with some being more convenient than others depending upon which mode the tablet is in. Choice is good as some people will find some methods easier or more natural than others.

So, here are your options:

  1. Use trusty Alt + F4 if you have a keyboard connected (or Alt + Fn + Play/Pause button on the Microsoft Surface keyboard),
  2. Whilst the desired app is open, swipe from the top bezel of the screen to the bottom bezel until the app drops off the bottom of the screen,

While you can make an app go away by hitting the Window key on the tablet or keyboard it won’t actually close the app but instead put it in a suspected state. If you find that things are going a little quirky on the tablet or you’re just particular about closing apps once you’re done with them having come from other smartphone or tablet platforms then this tip might be of use to you.

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