Using Hill Start Assist Control in a Prius

Here’s a quick tip if you’re a Prius owner and you’ve been overwhelmed by the six hundred page manual (and that’s before you read the separate GPS manual).

The third generation Prius has a very handy feature that will prevent the car from rolling back when you release the brake with the car facing uphill. This feature is called “Hill Start Assist Control” and it is really simple to engage if you happen to need it:

  1. When stationery, push the brake pedal firmly to toward the floor until you hear a beep,
  2. You should notice a flashing yellow icon on the dashboard (the one that also signifies that the ABS has been engaged),
  3. Keep your foot on the brake pedal until you are ready to move off,
  4. When you take your foot off the brake the Prius will remain in place for two seconds giving you a chance to accelerate without rolling back.

However, if you accidentally engage the Hill Start Assist Control by pushing the brake firmly when stationery you can disengage it by pushing the brake firmly again until you hear two beep after which the yellow icon on the dashboard should stop flashing.

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