Get Smarter Power Ups in New Super Mario Bros 2

Just a very quick tip for tonight.

After sending in my final university assignment I treated myself to playing New Super Mario Bros 2 for Nintendo 3DS (after a couple of months of restraint) and quickly learned of a tip that might save you mucking around in the more difficult stages.

When you are entering a level with which you are familiar and you’ve got a power up stored (like a fire flower or a racoon leaf) you might consider using it if you are small or super Mario before releasing the new power up from its mystery block. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Small Mario will normally ever get a super mushroom,
  • Super Mario will get a fire flower or racoon leaf,
  • Fire or Racoon Mario will get a fire flower or racoon (which will end up being stored if you already have fire or racoon abilities).

Therefore, if you’re about to get another power up and you’ve got a fire flower or racoon leaf then use it before getting the next power up as you’ll get a convenient chance to regain it if you happen to lose it during a level.

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