Incoming Gadget – Panasonic NR-BY552XSAU Inverter Refrigerator

Perhaps not something you check out everyday but something I thought worth sharing nonetheless.

A while ago our Fisher and Paykel Q E442B fridge suffered from some unscheduled maintenance after its circuit had been tripped. While the fridge was repaired and has been working well for nearly three months, I thought it would be a good idea to replace it after twelve years of service.

Gradually, we have been replacing the various devices in the house with more power efficient devices so the Panasonic NR-BY552XSAU refrigerator looked like a good choice. Its inverter technology is the key to potential power savings as it regulates how much power the motor requires to chill the contents based upon your usage habits and the environment (including if the lights are on in the room, the room temperature, internal temperature sensor and how often the door is opened). I am going to head out to Jaycar to buy a power meter just for the socket to see how things stack up before and after.

There’s some other interesting technology in this fridge as well.

My wife has switched to a vegan lifestyle and as such there are a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables that need to go in the fridge (which sometimes puts my Tetris skills to the test). Anyway, aside from the larger capacity of this new fridge, its Vitaminsafe technology claims that the blue and green LED lights inside the fridge mimic the sun to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh longer than a regular fridge. While we don’t keep lots of fruit and vegetables lying around in the fridge for long periods of time it will be good to see how slower consumed items fare. The fridge also packs in an anti-bacterial and deodorising system using silver to combat mould and bacteria

Anyway, stay tuned for more information!


    • colin on January 2, 2013 at 12:05
    • Reply

    I am looking at this fridge to replace our 20 year old GE which is on the way out. My problem is finding a reasonable price in Brisbane. $1698 seems far too much.when their global website – Area/Country: – India has it at recomended retail for Rs72990 which converts to A$1282.00.

    1. Not too sure what taxes might influence the price difference compared to India but it perhaps comes as no surprise that we pay more in Australia for most things which encourages people to purchase from overseas where it makes sense. You can pay a premium for Panasonic products over alternatives but that said Samsung have similar capacity bottom mount fridges around the same price where as the side-by-side refrigerators are a bit cheaper and top mount refrigerators are cheaper again.

      You could always try haggling for a better price from the likes of Harvey Norman or The Good Guys and see what they can offer but your mileage may vary.

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