Your Content and Social Media at the Right Place and the Right Time

Here’s something just from my own observations in posting this blog and blasting it out to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s all well and good to create content and then share it on the various social networks of the day but it’s not much point if you post it at a time when your target audience are least active or unlikely to see what you are attempting to share. This is especially important for time sensitive information which may only have relevance for a narrow window of time. Otherwise, your audience may be more used to hitting your site at a particular time of day to catch your latest updates. Early mornings and lunchtimes tend to be a popular time for people to catch up on their online activities so having something ready to go at those times of day can make a big difference in traffic to your site.

Of course, with some blogs and websites this won’t matter so much particularly if your target audience is quite sparse (either geographically of in terms of interests) or otherwise yet to be clearly defined but you might do well to cater for when the largest slice of your audience is online and more likely to share your latest publications within their social circles. When your website is in its formative stages this could be an important consideration particularly if you are going to be disciplined and committed to ongoing content creation.

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