How to Replace a UPS Battery

As much as we love a good UPS to look after our precious electronic gear in the event of power surges, sags and blackouts there comes a time when it’s important innards, specifically its batteries, eventually wear out and can do no more to protect us. This occurs naturally with any sort of battery and eventually you’ll have to replace them.

So, how do you replace the battery (or batteries in my case) inside a UPS?

Well, I thought I’d shoot a video showing how to do it with the Eaton Power 5110 line interactive UPS which might give you an idea on how to do it yourself.

Of course, replacing the UPS battery can differ between brands and models so this is provided as a rough guide only. Some UPSs will have a single battery to replace while others may have numerous batteries. If possible, refer to the documentation that came with your UPS for more specific directions.

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