Heads Up For DBAs on MS SQL Server 2012

Here’s something for the database administrators out there that want to get cracking on building up their skills and knowledge regarding the latest version of Microsoft’s database server solution, MS SQL Server 2012.

I know that paper books tend to lend themselves better for the reference book genre but of course there are costs involved in creating and shipping a physical medium. This is where digital formats tend to prevail and this case is no exception. Therefore, you might be interested to know that the Kindle Edition of “Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012” is currently free on Amazon compared to $14.99 for the paper copy. Quite a bargain by any means and you can start getting familiar with what you can expect straight away.

This book doesn’t go into the low level technical details of the software (like every single command, how to use the command, etc) but it does cover the new features, enhancements and capabilities of this revision to MS SQL Server so you might not find this book too heavy for reading on a digital device (like a Kindle). That said, everyone has different reading styles so your mileage may vary but you definitely won’t be out of pocket by picking up this deal.

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