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Thanks to John Tomic for this tip!

Fallout. Yes, it’s an older game released back in 1997 but it is considered to be one of the classic role playing games (RPGs). However, I bet there are a stack of people out there harbouring some nostalgia for those vintage games that may not have had awesome graphics by today’s standards but had that gripping gameplay that would keep you captivated for hours on end.

Sometimes, old games go the way of the dinosaur and, unless you can find an old copy on eBay or in a garage sale, you may have to resort to other non-legal means. This has been a bit of a grey area until recently as game publishers release old games that have been virtualised to work on the latest devices such as the Nintendo 3DS and Wii.

Anyway, if you’ve ever had an inkling to play Fallout (after all these years) you can grab it for free right here at Good Old Games. This site is great for finding all of those classic games that you would have played a decade ago or even longer (like Wing Commander 4) and picking them up on the cheap. Think of it as the Steam of vintage games 🙂


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    If you love Fallout, you’ll probably like Jagged Alliance 2, get some mods to make the most of it, either JA2 1.13 or Urban Chaos mods. Great old game to run on the laptop, will keep you amused for hours. Doesn’t have the atmos of Fallout, but makes up for it in terms of tactics and broad strategy.

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