Open Recent Documents Quickly Under Mac OS X Lion

Another tip here for Mac OS X Lion users out there.

The dock got a little bit smarter with the upgrade to Lion which now allows you to quickly access recently opened documents without having to browse the file system for them.

All you need to do is right click (or tap with two fingers if you have a multi-touch trackpad) on an application like Microsoft Word in the dock and then highlight “Open Recent” where you can choose from the most recent documents that have been opened. If you need to open something that may have dropped off the list, simply click on “More…” to bring up a gallery from which you can choose your desired document.

This feature is analogous to the “jump list” functionality in Windows 7 which provides the same ability except with a single right click plus the added benefit of being able to pin items to the list so they don’t fall off the bottom (something missing from Lion).

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