Help Kickstart the Wasteland 2 RPG

These days we hear of a number of efforts getting off the ground thanks to overwhelming global interest from individuals when the big businesses don’t want to touch a concept with a fifty foot barge pole. Kickstarter has been instrumental in helping projects get not only the exposure but also the funding to get going.

If you are a fan of RPGs (that’s Role Playing Games) or the initial version of Wasteland released back in 1988 for Commodore 64, Apple II and MS-DOS then you might be interested in supporting this project for a sequel, Wasteland 2.

It has really disappointed me that some of the gaming houses like EA (Electronics Arts) have gotten so large and have stagnated in terms of innovation that some interesting titles never get to see the night of day. Churning out sporting titles year after year gets a little monotonous. That said, it probably doesn’t help that so many people buy these games which may offer better graphics but perhaps not much else in terms of the gameplay.

Anyway, this is your chance to support what could be a great sequel to a game that received many accolades in a developing industry Sure, it’s already met its $900,000 target (it’s up at $1.4 million as I write this article) but the $1.5 million mark will trigger the development of Linux and Mac OS X versions. Plus, there are some incentives if you donate at least $15 which snares you a digital copy of the game (DRM free) for PC plus a unique and quirky skill for your in-game party. There are incentives going all the way up to $10,000 depending upon how generous you are feeling.

Bear in mind, estimated time to deliver is currently October 2013 so you’re going to need to be patient. Either way, allowing the global community to support things on their merits and enabling individuals to pool what would seem to be a insignificant amounts of isolated cash into something sizeable to support an initiative I think that’s a great thing.

Check out the Wasteland 2 project here!

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