MetroTwit – Get a Taste of Twitter, Metro Style

Here’s a software pick for those looking for a Twitter client for Windows other than TweetDeck.

MetroTwit is a Metro styled Twitter client for Windows. For those that don’t know, Metro is the interface found on Windows Phone 7 and will also be the interface for Windows 8 tablets. The Metro design language basically gives you a grid of tiles (or varying sizes) with clean typography that are easy to touch with a finger whilst also stripping out the graphical chrome that added little value. Live tiles are an evolution of this language which allow tiles to show useful information without actually having to open an app.

For instance, the icon for the weather app on an iPhone or Android device doesn’t tell you anything apart from the fact that it’s an app. On a Windows Phone, you could see the current temperature, forecast high and low temperatures or other metrics of interest. Being able to glance and determine if you want to find out more rather than hop in and out of apps to gather all of that information is far more efficient.

Anyway, we’re going to see more of Metro and for those wanting to get a feel for it without getting a Windows Phone can try it out with MetroTwit.



It’s quite similar to TweetDeck with the ability to add and remove columns of interest but the headings are very much set out in the Metro style. Even the settings screen is reminiscent of Windows Phone.

MetroTwit Settings

MetroTwit Settings

As far as it goes in terms of a client it seems to do what it’s supposed to do as a Twitter client. The only drawback maybe the amount of memory it uses on your system as it is using 670MB on my system with 12GB RAM. I’ll see how it pans out but the memory usage hasn’t affected the general responsiveness of the application. However, you will need .NET Framework 4.0 to run it but you’ll be prompted to install this if your system doesn’t already have it.

For those looking for multiple account support, you might want to check out the beta version of MetroTwit called MetroTwit Loop but beware, there could be bugs.

You can get MetroTwit here and installation is a snap.

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