Use TweekDeck Without Local Installation

For a lot of people using Windows the Twitter client of choice is TweetDeck however it can be a problem to get running if you are unable to install Adobe Air on the computer (which is often the case in corporate or enterprise environments). Otherwise, if you are staunchly against installing Adobe Air on your computer you might find this alternative more ideal.

What you can do is instead go to where you will need to login with your TweetDeck account but if you don’t have an account you can create one on the page. Once signed up, you can then start linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your TweetDeck account so all of the updates appear in the one place. Otherwise, if you already have an account, your saved configuration will be used.

The only problem with using the TweetDeck web client is that it only works under Google Chrome or Safari with Firefox and Internet Explorer users left out in the cold. Typically, businesses may not allow Chrome or Safari to be installed as Internet Explorer offer far more flexibility in the way it can be locked down and restricted through system policies. Furthermore, the pace at which Chrome is updated often outstrips the ability of the IT department to undertake proper compatibility testing before allowing updates to be deployed to company assets.

However, for the rest of us at home, the TweetDeck web client is perhaps a good way to keep track of Facebook and Twitter updates on your Windows machines if you want to reduce the range of software installed on the,

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