OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 Update

Thought I would provide an interim update on how I am going with the new OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 solid state drive that I received in the last week.

Windows 7 Ultimate is up and running after a minor wrestle to get Windows setup up and running. I had to revert all of the other AHCI controllers to legacy IDE mode in the BIOS to get past an early “blue screen of death” (BSoD). However, once that was handled the only other thing to consider was loading up the driver for the solid state drive to make it show up as a candidate to host the operating system. The rest of the installation was fairly simple from that point and after Windows was installed I re-enabled AHCI.

I’ve reinstalled nearly everything else I require including:

  • Microsoft Office 2010,
  • Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox,
  • iTunes, VLC & Zune,
  • Goole Talk, Skype and Windows Live Messenger,
  • other bits and pieces.

Most were reinstalled using one of my favourite tools, Ninite which I have written about previously.

I’ve also installed Steam to get some preliminary gaming testing under the belt as well.

So far, I’m not disappointed but will look to give it a more comprehensive work out ahead of my review of the solid state drive.

Stay tuned!

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