Google Plus Pages Now Available

Just a quick heads up that Google Plus (or Google+ depending upon your preference) now has made available the ability to create pages similar to how Facebook has pages for non-personal profiles. For instance, this blog’s Facebook page is located @ which is where I aggregate information from the blog, photos from unboxings and all the unboxing, preview, review and “how to” videos.

The Google Plus counterpart to that is located @ (not a friendly URL, I know). Otherwise, you can search for Boydo’s Tech Talk and add it to one or more of your circles.

Google Plus pages are designed to allow companies, brands and organisations to establish their presence on Google Plus while separating that from your personal profile (and I am guessing that is why Google discouraged companies from trying to shoehorn their existence into a personal profile).

If you fancy creating a page of your own, you can head on over to and kick off the fairly simple process. You should be up and running in a couple of minutes.

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