Google Analytics Now Featuring Real-Time Reporting

Here’s something interesting for those of you with your own websites that use Google Analytics to track visitors and content popularity. Having been rolled out recently, you can now track some basic information as people visit your site.

Google Analytics - Real-Time Beta

Google Analytics - Real-Time Beta

In a nutshell, you can see where your visitors are from, what content they are viewing and, if applicable, what search terms they used to find your content and the top referring sites to your content. There are also a couple of graphs showing visits in the last sixty seconds as well as the last twenty minutes. This view will be particularly handy for higher traffics sites to see what content is most popular and how people are locating your content.

It’ll be interesting to see how Google expands this particular function of Analytics but for a first cut I can’t help but stare at it a bit during the day. Very distracting!

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