Update Your DriveBender Beta License Key

Here’s a quick tip for tonight.

If you are running Windows Home Server 2011 on a box at home and you are using DriveBender to reimplement the missing “Drive Extender” technology that was stripped out in the new version then you might need to know that the current beta expires tonight (if it already hasn’t done so).

In order to get things up and running (or keep them running) you will need to update to version before you can use the updated license key. Unfortunately, the license key doesn’t seem to work on prior versions (despite the beta page saying it will work for all previous versions).

That said, I wish that there were an alert that DriveBender would pop up if the license was approaching its expiry or it would run in a semi-crippled mode (maybe slower than normal instead of pulling the rug out from underneath the OS). Particularly for this sort of software that deals with something as critical as the file system I think there needs to be a responsible approach to license enforcement.

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