Toshiba Unveils FlashAir

I came across this tidbit while trawling the web this evening.

Apparently, Toshiba have been working on an SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card that incorporates two-way Wi-Fi connectivity. It is designed to be used in digital cameras that specifically support it (so you just can’t chuck it into any old SDHC compatible camera unfortunately) with aim of allowing your camera to wirelessly upload all or part of its contents to things like Facebook or a home server without having to use a computer as an intermediary device.

Furthermore, you can share photos directly between two cameras with FlashAir cards (which would mean you don’t have to remember who wants which photo e-mailed to them after you have taken it) and it seems to be smart enough to disable its wireless component when not in use – great for those Forgetful Joneses out there. Cloud service connectivity could also be an interesting way to sync multiple cameras together despite being geographically diverse.

Whilst 8GB capacities at launch in February 2012 might be enough for most people I’m sure there will be cries for larger 16GB and 32GB models for the high resolution crowd out there. Still, it’s an interesting development ahead of those early SDIO Wi-Fi cards from last decade that didn’t really take off.

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