YouTube Insight Stats Lagging Behind

Time has run away from me today so I will hold over the video showing how to install RAM until later this week.

However, on a related note, YouTube is currently lagging behind a few days in its “Insight” statistics which basically shows things like number of views, audience demographics and regional popularity amongst other things. Whilst a small fish like me isn’t impacted by this issue too much (as my stats just look a bit depressing until the problem is fixed) this is causing all sorts of problems for YouTube partners who make money from people watching their videos and the ad revenue.

This problem is also affecting view count honours which is basically like a leader board for videos based upon the number of views across various dimensions as the view count for some or all videos have become frozen.

At this stage, Google has assured its users that the actual view counts have not been lost but are stuck in the pipeline.

There is a thread in the YouTube forums that is tracking this issue as well as accumulating the response from a growing number of annoyed users.

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