Save Android Device Battery Life When at Home on Wi-Fi

Here’s a quick tip for those of you with Android devices.

You might be able to boost your battery life by changing your Wi-Fi sleep settings. You can look at the available settings by going into “Settings” then “Wireless & Networks”. Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled in this screen and then tap on “Wi-Fi Settings”. On the next, tap the menu button on your phone and then tap on “Advanced”.

In this screen, you should see three options, specifically:

  • When screen turns off,
  • Never when plugged in,
  • Never.

By default, “when screen turns off” is selected which means that when the screen turns off your Wi-Fi connection will also turn off kicking you back to a cellular data connection (be it 3G or 2G). This isn’t ideal as a typical Wi-Fi connection often uses less power to maintain a connection than a cellular connection. The easy way to change this is to select “never” and then exit back out of the screens back to your home screen. Then just leave your Wi-Fi enabled (i.e. don’t turn it off).

Personally, I have found that my overnight battery life starting on a full charge has improved considerably with overnight battery discharge remaining in the single digit range (meaning I still have over 90% battery left). Your mileage may vary depending on factors such as distance from your Wi-Fi access point and number of background applications running but you should notice an improvement nonetheless.

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