Web Browser Tab Management Tips

Here’s a quick tip for tonight.

The latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE9 currently in beta), and Firefox (Firefox 4 also in beta) support a couple of neat features when it comes to tab management.

The first feature allows you to shift the order of the tabs around simply by dragging them left or right. People (including myself) like to have tabs in a certain order and it used to be the case that we would have to open each tab one by one to get the order just right. You also had the option of bookmarking a set of tabs to open when you opened your browser but when you are in the middle of a browsing sessions it wasn’t always convenient to close your browser and start over.

Another neat feature of which you may not have been aware is the ability to tear and transfer tabs. What this means is that you can tear a tab out of browser window and put them into another browser window or create a brand new browser window. Bear in mind that transferring tabs will only work between two windows of the same browser (so you can transfer from Firefox to Firefox but not Firefox to Internet Explorer).

Give it a try – you might find it comes in handy!

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