Know How to Block Your Mobile Phone Number

Another quick and simple  tip for tonight (partially inspired by my love of working out to make phones do funny stuff in the past like loop someone’s voicemail back on itself many times over so it echoes).

Every now and then there may be someone you want to call but you don’t necessarily want them to know from which number you are calling (especially if it is a corporate mobile or you don’t want a particular person to call you back). It can also be a hassle going through the settings in your phone to get to the caller identification toggle to switch it off, make your call and then turn it back on.

Otherwise, if you block caller identification on your service but you want someone to know that it is you that is calling (especially if a PABX needs your caller identification to give you special access for example) you would also have to go through the same fuss to go through the settings.

There is a far simpler way to selectively block or unblock your number. To block your number you simply prefix the number you want to call with 1831. Alternatively, if you block caller identification by default you can selectively present your phone number by prefixing the number you want to call with 1832.

You may not necessarily use this all that often but it’s a great little tip to save you mucking around when all you want to do is make a phone call.

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