Boydo’s Tech Talk – New Facebook Page!

As the blog heads toward three hundred posts and a truckload of visits this year it made sense to create a Facebook page to make it easier for visitors to share this blog with their friends. It’s fairly easy to find, just type in “Boydo’s Tech Talk” in the search box on Facebook and it should be first in the list. Please, feel free to start a conversation or bring up topical technology events or share some of your experiences with new gadgets you come across.

Also, you’ll also notice the new “Like Box” on the right hand side of the blog which will make it really easy for you to like the blog on Facebook. I’m also working on making it easier to follow myself and the blog on Twitter as well as other tech news updates that I publish throughout the week. In the meantime, if you’re keen to follow the blog you can follow @boydostechtalk right now (it might be a bit empty at the moment but will fill up over time).

As always, thanks very much for following the blog and stay tuned for more updates!

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