300th Blog – Some Facts and Figures!

Believe it or not, another milestone has come to pass in the form of the 300th consecutive daily blog. At times it has been a bit of a challenge to blog regularly with a trip to Asia and Europe in amongst my university studies via correspondence but I guess discipline is always a good thing!

Anyway, I thought I would share some statistics about how well the blog has done so far since I started on 29/01/2010:

  • Total Visits:
    • First 100 days: 1,326
    • Second 100 days: 1,890
    • Third 100 days: 11,462
  • Pageviews:
    • First 100 days: 1,841
    • Second 100 days: 2,379
    • Third 100 days: 17,071
  • Traffic Sources:
    • Search Engines: 9,679 visits (66%)
    • Direct Traffic: 2,756 visits (19%)
    • Site Referrals: 2,013 (14%)
    • Other: 230 (1%)

By and large, the most popular topic on the blog has been with regard to the Samsung Galaxy S and the saga associated with the missing recovery mode accounting for over 50% of the page views so far. I guess this demonstrates to me that search is quite a powerful tool so long as the content you create is relevant, unique and can be easily indexed by the search engines.

Also, with the four videos I have created for the blog, there has been a total of 2,346 views which is quite encouraging to say the least. I plan to do some more regular videos as I get my hands on some more gadgets (plus the reviews of the iPad and Samsung Galaxy S). I am still in the process of separating out the blog videos from my personal stuff (as much as I love our dogs!).

The blog has received visits from 123 countries with Australia topping the list (with 4,068 visits) with the rest of the top ten comprising of:

  • United States of America (1,973 visits),
  • United Kingdom (1,851 visits),
  • Canada (942 visits),
  • Netherlands (448 visits),
  • Singapore (348 visits),
  • France 331 visits),
  • India (305 visits),
  • Germany (268 visits),
  • Malaysia (226 visits).

A total of 23 countries have visited 100 or more times (with Denmark scraping in) and 50 countries visiting at least 25 times (with special mention to Taiwan bringing up the rear in that instance).

As always, thanks for visiting the blog. I hope it has been able to keep you informed about the world of technology and also to give you some hints that will come in handy every now and then!

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